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Tegan Quin and Lindsey Byrnes (x)

I’ve been with the same person for three and a half years, most people know that I’m dating Lindsey Byrnes, who is the photographer that takes all of our photos. It’s her fault I can’t write sad songs [anymore], But it’s also her fault I wrote all of those sad songs.

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This song is about when you really like a beautiful person and they don’t like you back. I know. But there’s a happy ending! Because sometimes, when you persevere and you follow through and you just are relentless about your love, they finally give up.
Just don’t give up, forever. Then eventually they just have to be like ‘Good god, I’m never gonna be able to get rid of this fucking psycho’. And boom! Love.

—Tegan introducing Nineteen (x)

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Linsey Byrnes photographing Kristen Stewart? Yes, please.

Anonymous asked: Don't you think if TRQ and LB were broken up there would be some friend separation? I mean LB was with some of their BFs days before the cruise. And Rachel is on the cruise so.. Awkward even for the most mature adults.

I would think so, but it’s difficult to speculate on something like that. People handle these situations very differently

Anonymous asked: do you think tegan and lindsey have broken up? it makes me really sad to think about but everyone seems to be accepting it now :(

I’m still uncertain. We’ll know eventually I guess

Anonymous asked: Hi! I would love it if you could read my Tegan and Lindsey fanfic and let me know what you think! (It's long - be warned) You can find it on fanficDOTnet - username companyoffonstandby (won't accept full links) Thanks!!

Sure I’ll check it out!

Anonymous asked: Are you surprised Lindsey isn't on the Parahoy cruise? It's very sad since everyone else brought their partners. Doesn't help the rumors at all.

Not surprised; certainly sad :/